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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA No. 84.027)


Legislation: Education of the Handicapped Act, Part B, P.L. 91-230, as
amended, (20 U.S.C. 1401 and 1411). (Expires September 30, 1986.)

Funding Since 1980:

Fiscal Year       Authorization       Appropriation

1980                  I/                                $ 874,500,000

1981                  I/                                      874,500,000

1982             $ 9697850,000 2/      931,008,000

1983              1,017,900,00027     1,017,900,000

1984              1,068,875,000 2/     1,068,900,000

Purpose: To help States make available a free, appropriate public educa-
tion for all handicapped children. The program awards grants to States to
help State and local educational agencies pay for special education and
related services to handicapped children, aged 3 to 21. These services
must be provided in the least restrictive environment and in accordance
with an "Individualized Education Program," which defines the child's
unique educational needs. The law also establishes due process safeguards
so beneficiaries can challenge the manner in which school districts
provide a free appropriate public education.


A.  Goals and Objectives

The four continuing goals of the program are designed to enforce compliance
with the Law:

o  To ensure that all handicapped children have available a free, appro-
priate public education, which includes special education and related
services designed to meet unique needs,

o  To protect the rights of handicapped children and their parents.

o  To provide for the education of all handicapped children by assisting
States and localities.

o  To assess and ensure the effectiveness of State and local educational
efforts for handicapped children.

B.  Progress and Accomplishments

The program's progress and accomplishments are detailed in its annual
report to Congress (E.I.)ing fulfillment of the P.L. 93-380 local educational agency transfer